Blue Ridge Timber, Inc.(BRT) is a buyer of standing timber in upstate South Carolina and the southwestern region of North Carolina. BRT, Inc. was established in March 1997 by Drew Williams, RF .  Drew created the company in his hometown of Inman, S.C. He received a Bachelor of Science Degree from Clemson University in 1994, and has been a timber buyer ever since. Drew is also a Registered Forester in both North and South Carolina.

Blue Ridge Timber subcontracts with professional, state program certified logging crews. Many of these crews have worked with Drew since the establishment of Blue Ridge Timber in 1997. These crews are trained through a state sponsored program called Top Logger. The Top Logger Program emphasizes the importance of Best Management Practices(BMP’s).

The BMP’s help protect soil and water quality. These crews range from high production crews to smaller thinning crews. Landowner’s unique objectives determine which professional crew is best suited to meet those objectives. BRT, Inc. can handle delicate select thinning to total clear cutting.

Drew performs and oversees all phases of the timber procurement process which include marking property lines, dealing with mill reps, and supervising entire harvesting operation.

He can also help with replanting, and can create management plans. Contact us and we can discuss your options free of charge!

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